Totally Awesome Blueberry Biscuits



After I got done posting yesterday, I realized that I technically NEVER said the food I posted on Instagram (@impassionedkitchen) were on the blog, so I guess I’m technically not catching up…. but I feel like if I show you a picture of something delicious, then I am obligated to share how I made it, and I’m almost there!

Saturdays at our house I made something a little extra special (or sweet) for breakfast/brunch. We kind of take it easy around here, the kids will watch a couple shows, because we kind of keep the TV to a minimum, and we all relax a little bit, and  as I referenced, I try to make a little more fany(ish) breakfast food than the usual basic breakfasts through the week.

This past Saturday morning I wanted to make something with blueberries, and originally I wanted to make scones, but I didn’t really want to use all of the butter I had in the house on one dish, so I found Scottish scones, which use a significantly less amount than our American counterparts… but then the link wouldn’t work, so I went to the next best option, Blueberry Biscuits. The recipe I made these from claims to be a copy of Bojangles blueberry biscuits, but I don’t believe I have ever had them, so I really honestly couldn’t tell you… plus I kind of did my own thing with it, so these are just Jenn’s totally awesome blueberry biscuits!

HERE is a link to the pin with the original recipe, but when I tried to link to the actual site, the recipe was nowhere to be found, so if that is your recipe, or you know whose it is, please let me know, so I may give credit where credit is due!


My first step was to preheat my oven to 450°. THen I began to make the biscuits by whisking together all of my dry ingredients. Next, I cut in the cold butter using my pastry cutter until the chunks were about the size that you can see in the third picture, about the size of a dime.

Once I cut the butter in, I added the milk, just mixing until everything was thoroughly combined, and then I folded in the blueberries. I used frozen berries, so I just folded the dough enough to get them throughout it all, but I didn’t want my dough to be toooooooo purple.

Next, I floured my counter pretty heavily and put a little on top of the dough as well. I then folded the dough in half four times, making quarter turns each time. I rolled the dough out, just until it was about an inch thick, and cut the biscuits out, using my 3-in circle cookie cutter.


I was able to get 9 biscuits our of this recipe, with the one in the middle being slightly larger than the others. I used my cast iron skillet for these, which is, in my opinion, the very best way to make biscuits of any kind…. but you can also use a cookie sheet, really any pan that is oven safe. I sprayed my skillet with a little cooking spray before I put my biscuits in the pan, just keeping equal distances around. I followed the original recipe as to using the pan, etc, and so I did not preheat my pan along with oven, but I have to tell you, I really wish I would have, and next time I definitely will, but only when using cast iron. Preheating cast iron when making biscuits gives you a delicious, buttery crunchy (but not burnt) buttom that is amazing, and these didn’t get that, due to the not preheating, although they were definitely still a favorite, and didn’t last very long!


Finally, after all that, I baked them in the oven for about 20 minutes, and after they cooled for about 10 minutes, I topped them off with a little glaze, and they were DE-licious with a cup of coffee!




2 Cups Flour

1/3 Cup Sugar

4 Tsp Baking Powder

1 Tsp Salt

5 Tbsp Butter

1 Cup Milk

1/2 Cup Blueberries (fresh or frozen)


1 Cup Powdered Sugar

1/8 Cup Water

1 Tsp Vanilla

Preheat oven to 450°.  If using cast iron, preheat pan in oven as well.

In a medium bowl, whisk (or sift) together flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Using a pastry cutter, or two knives, cut in butter until chunks are about the size of a dime. Mix in milk, just until combined, and fold in blueberries.

Turn dough out onto a well-floured surface, and fold in half four times, making a quarter-turn each time. Roll dough out to about a 1-inch thickness. Cut into biscuits using a biscuit cutter, cookie cutter, or large glass.

Place biscuits in preheated cast iron skillet or on a greased or parchment-lined cookie sheet, and bake for approx 20 minutes.

While biscuits are in the oven, combine all of the glaze ingredients in a small bowl, and whisk until smooth.

Allow biscuits to cool for approx 10 min, and top with glaze. Serve warm. Enjoy!

If you like or try this recipe, please let me know in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you!



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