Journal of a Sourdough Starter


This is the journal of a sourdough starter… my good old, Oklahoma wild yeast, red dirt sourdough starter. This is not the first starter that I have made, but hopefully, Lord-willing, it is my last, as I hope to keep this one alive and flourishing for a good loooong time! Sourdough is absolutely amazing to me. The though that you can make a beautiful, nourishing piece of food with only flour and water, and to get to watch it grow and come to life right before your very own eyes is nothing short of spectacular.

It is my hope and intention to grow in my sourdough skills and knowledge and ultimately use this natural leavener in place of an commercial yeast, as it is so frustrating to me to see recipes that call for active yeast on top of the started, whici seems to me to be such a waste of such a beautiful thing!

I recently grew my own sourdough starter, beginning on January 20, and today, February 1, baking my first loaf of sourdough bread. I followed the guide at, and I was amazed at how natural and how much more comfortable I was just in pbserving the differences in growth and knowing what I needed to do, it was awesome. As I learn and grow, I hope to update this with more precise instructions and science, but for now, I can only tell you what I did. Therefore, I highly recommend you check them out, and only use my own as a reference and inspiration to know that you CAN do it!

A feeding = 40grams of flour + 40 grams of water

I did use a smaller amount of water, as my starter was extremely liquified when I got to about day 10, but I kind of played it by ear. I will update with specific amounts as I figure them out 🙂


On The Perfect Loaf, the recommendation is a combination of AP and rye flour, however I only have AP at this time, so that is what I did. I followed their directions to a T up to where the feeding go to 2 a day, and because the spot in my kitchen where I had been keeping my starter was a little cooler, my starter was not strong enough at that point, so I stayed with one feeding a day up until about day 7, when I could see that the starter had risen and fallen within the first 12 hours.

Day 2: Bubbles mean evidence of life!! (side note, I stopped using a cheesecloth to cover it, and instead used a plastic bag that wasn’t tight, so that the moisture couldn’t evaporate, but there was still air for the yeast to breathe)


Day 3: The ring higher up means that it has started to rise and fall *YAY*


Day 4: I forgot to take a picture before I fed it, but still healthy!

Day 5: Before I added in the flour and water… bubbles are an awesome sign that we are still doing good!


Day 6: I attempted to start 2 feedings a day, but there wasn’t a quick response in growth, so I stuck with only one for a few more days. 


Day 7: Sticking with the same program, the smell is still good, so I just fed it and waited for nature to do her thing!


Day 8: I decided to mark where it started at today, because something just told me it was ready to start 2 feedings a day…


Day 9: …and I was right, this was after just a little over 12 hours, and you can see how much bigger it had grown!


Day 10: Officially up to 2 feedings a day and going strong!


Day 12: I decided to simply bulk my starter up, so instead of discarding any, I simply continued to feed it 2 times a day, but moved it to a larger jar. I hope to use this quite often, so the larger quantity is what I need.

Today, I am happy to report that I am in the process of baking my first sourdough loaf from this starter, as well as having another sourdough recipe in the works! I will be sharing as I work out the kinks, and I would love to see yours if you choose to make one! Please tag me @impassionedkitchen on Instagram!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them below and I will do my very best to respond quickly!!

Thank you for allowing me to share a little slice of my world with you!! Have an awesome day!



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