Sweet Sourdough Starter

You may have noticed a few of the sweet yeasted bread recipes I have posted called for a “Sweet Sourdough Starter,” and how foolishly I did not post the recipe for this before!!

In my initial endeavor at making a Sourdough Croissant, the only recipe I came across (you can find it HERE) gave instructions for a Sweet Sourdough Starter, but the instructions for me just didn’t click… so I went a step further, to the original site she listed, which you can find HERE for answers!

Upon reading the site and her directions again, I decided to go with a pared down version of the Sweet Sourdough Starter. As I considered how I would share this with you all, the question in my mind was “Why?” With commercial yeast, you use one type of yeast for all kinds of dough, savoury and sweet! Why make a second starter and give yourself the hassle of another starter to feed and upkeep?

I now can give you two very good reasons to create a Sweet Sourdough Starter!

1. Taste

When I make something like Cinnamon Rolls, Babka, or even Croissants, I want to use my Sourdough Starter because the health benefits and nutrition you gain in using wild yeast vs. commercial yeast is just incomparable. However, after I allow my Sourdough Croissants or Cinnamon Rolls to prove overnight or 2 nights, I really don’t want a strong sour flavor, and using a Sweet Sourdough Starter gives a hint of tang but nothing undesirable that takes away from enjoying them.

2. Strength

When dealing with an enriched dough, your starter needs to be a strong, mature starter with enough muscle to power the rise in spite of the milk, butter, etc that is weighing it down!. This Sweet Sourdough Starter is just what the doctor prescribed. Since getting to a point of being a strong, established starter, I have been storing the starter that I have not needed to use, covered in the refrigerator, and my Sweet Starter has pushed its way out of a sealed jar, in the refrigerator! It has proved to have the strength needed to give the rise I desire to my enriched breads, and I believe you will be satisfied with it as well!

This Sweet Starter requires an already established Sourdough Starter to grow off of and it is quite a solid starter, with just a small amount of hydration. I have successfully increased the hydration with no harmful affects, and I am sure you can experiment with it to obtain the desired affect!


Sweet Sourdough Starter

Starting Ingredients

  • 50g Sourdough Starter
  • 40g Flour
  • 10g Sugar
  • 16g Water


Feeding Ingredients

  • 50g Sourdough Starter
  • 40g Flour
  • 10g Sugar
  • 16g Water


Treat as a regular Starter, with discard or feeding double, if you are building up the volume. To eliminate waste, store discard in refrigerator in a closed container, and pull out amount needed when beginning to prepare for a recipe.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below!!

Thank you as always for stopping by!! I hope you come again soon!



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