Hello! I’m Jenn, owner and operator of Impassioned Kitchen! I am a wife and mother of two sweet boys. I have so many interests, and I have wanted to blog for so long, and I truly did not want to do a food blog because there are so many other AMAZING food blogs out there, and well, I am just little old me.

 I thought about it forever, and truth be told, food is just my thing… It’s what I’ve been doing forever. My mom allowed me freedom in the kitchen to cook and bake by myself when I was about 8 years old, and I have just loved it since then. I didn’t experiment much in cooking until I my hubby came along, and now I find myself creating recipes without Pinterest (such a boost in confidence), or taking a recipe and completely rearranging and editing it to our tastes, and without consulting Google (my other bff) a million times! 

I really am obsessed with making everything from scratch, so you may not find many mixes within these posts, as I try to maintain a largely unprocessed diet (those donuts are made with non-GMO flour and cold-pressed oil, and that makes them healthy! 😊😊). I LOVE learning the original (pre-1900s) methods of making foods, without all the new-fangled fluff, as I really truly believe that so many of the health problems we have are based in our diet. I am not, howeber, talking vegan or vegetarian, (no disrespect, just not my thing 😊) just real, meat and potatoes food, and maybe some cake on the side!

My goal for 2017 is to learn more within the specific fields of cooking and baking, not just good tasting food, but the why behind it, as well as learning classic French, Italian, and whatever other nationality food may catch my eye pastries. 

Within these pages and posts you will find a smattering of just about everything. From very healthy food to extravagant, mouth-watering desserts, it will be there. You may also find some blonde moments sprinkled throught, as well, and I apologise in advance! I will do my best to correct these as they come to my attention, and as I grow and learn.

It is truly my joy and honor to share with you one of the things I am truly most passionate about. It is my hope that you enjoy the food and the stories that you find within these pages and posts, and that it may encourage you in whatever it may be that you are most passionate about! 

Thank you for sharing a little piece of your day with me!